I See

I see your pain
I see how slowly it drives you insane
I see that the very heart of you is torn in two

I see how you try to act brave
I see you blink your tears away
I see you clench your fist

I see the longing in your eyes
I see each smile you fake
I see you’ve had all you can take

I see you struggle day by day
I see you fighting to stay on top
I see you always searching for hope

I see you as you choke back your fear
I see you alone at night as you wipe your tears

I see you look into your babies eyes
I see all the heartache melt away
I see you full of love and pride
I see how it shines in your eyes
I see that your smile is true I see your heart is glued

I see you wishing you could stay
I see you wishing things didn’t have to be this way
I see you as you turn away, for your child’s sake
I see your as your heart breaks all over again

I see you praying that today will be a better day
I see you as she chases you away
I see you as you beg and plead, let me see my baby today

I see some men willing to walk away
I see how they get played
I see how some baby Mums behave till they get their own way

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4 Responses to I See

  1. cindysvoices says:

    Reblogged this on cindysvoices and commented:
    wonderful new poem

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  2. ianyoud says:

    Great poem Tracey!

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